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Luni in Amazon

All Humans know how much Cats love boxes.

Notwithstanding, they keep buying expensive toys instead of filling the house with carton boxes which we’d love …

Just think of Maru, an expert in Cat Box Fitting. Well, that’s a bit small … Anyways, you can have a look at Maru’s Blog for more inspiration on how a cat should approach a carton box or watch this very helpful Maru video tutorial on carton box fitting.

Since Humans don’t understand the potential of carton boxes our only option is to usurp the best ones that somehow make their way into the house.

You need to be quick because humans don’t quite understand how precious boxes are: they tend to throw them away right-away, how sad!

So, as soon as you hear the bell ring, rush towards the front door and hide somewhere, making sure you have a good view on what’s going on near the entrance. If the postman appears holding a carton box, that’s when you need to act fast: follow your human while she opens and unpacks the box and as soon as he or she is distracted and the box is empty, jump into it.

Next, you need to take full possession of the box: just spread inside and make sure you make your sweetest human-like smile and most adorable kitty face. Humans love that, no one will have the guts to take that box away from you.


In my humble opinion, Amazon Boxes are the best: they are made of good quality carton, come in different sizes and are both durable and comfortable. Recently, they tend to be a bit small but I’m confident larger ones will arrive soon.



Luni Tuni

Fine Cat Food Connoisseur and Milk Taster. Avid Cat Grass Eater and Cat Vomit Expert. Founding member of the Obese Feline Association.

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