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Happy Easter Cats!

Enjoy the Easter break but please beware of Bunny hats or other Easter bonnets your Humans may want to put on to you just for the fun of it.

Here you go with a bit of Cat Shaming happening on Instagram.

This is a furious Easter Bunny Cat …

This Cat really thinks he’s a Grass-Eater Easter Bunny …

This gorgeous Lion Cat has been shamed with a Blu-Ear Bunny-style Hairband …

This Cat is not ok with Easter Treats …

This is a smart one: he was so afraid to be forced to wear an Easter bonnet for Cats, that he opted for something slightly different just to disappoint his Humans.

Well done Cat! You are my Purring Hero!

Not satisfied yet? Here you go with a selection of pictures of Angry Easter Cats.

Credits: Cover Image from The Very Best Top 10 website / Instagram


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Fine Cat Food Connoisseur and Milk Taster. Avid Cat Grass Eater and Cat Vomit Expert. Founding member of the Obese Feline Association.

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