Get out of that Trap!

Catshmere's How to Trap Your Cat Guide

Do you remember the “Trap your Cat in a Circle” Internet craze started off by Reddit users?

If you missed it, you can read the related article here.

Basically it was all about a human drawing a circle of the floor and a cat getting to sit in it. Oh My Dog, what a stupid thing!

Surprisingly, it soon became an online viral thing with many Humans desperately trying to trap their cats and sharing their efforts online with other Humans.

In a few days the Web was full of humiliating pics of kitties and cats forced to sit into an improvised tape loop and smile at the camera.

Also my Human Mom tried the Trap your Cat game with my stepsisters and me but in the end she had to give up.

Do you want to know how we fooled her? Well, we had a plan: we teamed up and … read on.

The first one to get into the circle was Clissy. As planned she stood right on the perimeter line, with her backside inside and the rest outside. Then she looked up as to say: “Ok, so now what in the hell do you expect me to do?”

Catshmere's How to Trap Your Cat Guide

Then it was Luni Tuni’s turn: she sat on the line leaving her J. Lo backside out of the circle just to prove it was too small for her and meowed: “Sorry Mom, not a chance I’ll fit in there!”

Catshmere's How to Trap Your Cat Guide

Finally, it was up to me: I went right inside, making sure to carelessly position my backside in front of the camera pretending not to give a dog. Smart, right?

Catshmere's How to Trap Your Cat Guide

A few minutes later, she gave up. This is how we disappointed our Human Mom and, above all, how we got rid of this stupid Prank your Cat thing.

Cats unite: together we stand, together we fall, together we win and winners take it all. Meow!

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