Ops … I ate my Quokka!

Catshmere Bounty Quokka Selfie

If there is a Trend, I’m in it.

When I heard of this Quokka Selfie thing, I desperately wanted to be part of it so I went online and ordered a Quokka from Speedy Quokka Delivery. I couldn’t wait for him to get home: Instagram was full of people taking selfie pictures with Quokkas all around Aussie and I still didn’t have one. Then, a couple of days later my adorable and happy-looking marsupial friend finally showed up!

This is me with my Quokka in our first #quokkaselfie. I was very excited then.


It was love at the first sight: he was cute, soft and cuddly and for the first days we were inseparable. This is me and him ready for a catnap.

Catshmere Bounty Quokka Selfie

Then that cheeky little brat started enjoying this selfie thing and wanted me to feature him in all of my pics. He was getting on my nerves …

Catshmere Bounty Quokka Selfie

I tried to contact Speedy Quokka Delivery to see if I could ship him back but no way: apparently he was one of those problematic quokkas that nobody wants around … and nobody wants back. What the Dog!

I really needed a break! And then a thought came up to my mind … what do Quokkas taste like?


The Speedy Quokka Delivery FAQs page wasn’t very helpful so in the end I decided to have a little Quokka Snack and see for myself.

Catshmere Bounty Quokka Selfie

Not bad I must say, just a bit tough to digest (he made me burp a lot).

So sorry I ate my quokka, though … I kinda miss him.


Newly-adopted old black cat. Professional purrer, serial cat food eater, visionary meower and expert snorer.

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