Cat Etiquette by Matisse the Lady Cat

Catshmere Cat Etiquette by Matisse

All Home Cats should know basic Cat Etiquette and Feline Good Manners.

This in order to always get what they want and give a purrfect presentation of themselves.

Anyway, many Cats don’t know how to properly behave and, therefore, they still seem to need some advice in order to perform at their best.

So here I am: the perfect Lady Cat ready to help you get what you deserve. Keep on reading and I’ll turn you into the most respectable, fluffy, cute and well-behaved Cat ever seen on Kitty Earth.

So here we go! I’d like to start with some advice on a very important subject: Catnap Posture.

First of all, laying on the couch all day is an Art, so Cats please: try to be elegant, ready to attract snuggles while getting into your best good-looking pose (this can be very helpful should your personal human decide to take pictures of you while you are sleeping and then post them on Instagram or any other Social Media …)

Not sure you can do it?

Cats, Yes we Can! All Cats can look super cute if they want: Cuteness is in our nature!

Look at me for instance: I was born as a scruffy and poor homeless kitty, but look at me now !!!

Very elegant, right? You can tell I’m a Lady Cat by the way I cross my front paws. :-)

Throughout my nine lives, I’ve been trying to educate my fluffy friends The Fonz and Romeo: while Romeo’s efforts fill me with joy, The Fonz is a hopeless case.

I’m trying hard to make him improve but he just won’t listen! Look at him in this picture, can you believe it? No Cat should be caught sleeping like this …

Catshmere Cat Etiquette by Matisse

Ok, I get it: fluffy-scruffy can be a life-style to a certain extend but there is a limit: you can’t show-off your sweet-tummy just like that, it’s terribly embarrassing.


He does it on purpose, just to upset me! I am giving him a chance anyway, I know he can do it.

And what should we say about Romeo, isn’t he just a Darling ?

Obviously, his catwalk expertise is quite an advantage but you have to admit he’s got a spontaneous Stylish Cat Look.

Catshmere Cat Etiquette by Matisse

Don’t worry if you don’t feel confident yet with Cat Etiquette rules, keep reading my posts and you’ll get there!

And, remember: every Cat is entitled to a comfortable Catnap whatever the position may be.

I’ve got my relaxing time too. Keep on purring !!!

Catshmere Cat Etiquette by Matisse

The Inseparable Bunch

Matisse, Romeo and The Fonz are The Inseparable Bunch: three spoiled brats that live more or less happily together. The Fonz is a grey bully tomcat while Romeo is a red-hair fancy male cat. Matisse is the only lady cat of the group: from time to time in love with Romeo, she can hardly stand The Fonz who is constantly teasing and stalking her.

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  1. theAristocat

    March 13, 2015 at 6:04 pm

    OMG that is cat charme, adorable!!!!


    the tomatosauce

    March 13, 2015 at 7:44 pm

    Fantastic cats!!that’s the real life I want to have!!

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