Cats and other Animals

Catshmere Cats and Other Animals

Cats are adorable creatures … we always try to get along with other animal: sometimes it works just fine, other times instead …

Look at this poor kitty getting slapped on the nose by a nasty lizard … I’m sure he just wanted to make friends! Bad Lizard!

Cat Lizard Tail Gif

And what about this fluffy kitten hugging a mouse? Yes, Cats and Mice can be friends!

Cat Hugging Mouse Gif

Sloths can be extremely useful to Cats: a sloth a day takes the itch away!

Sloth Loves Cat Gif

Ferrets are ok but they require a lot of grooming …

Cat Grooms Ferrets Gif

But Cats, please, beware of Fish: they can be very dangerous …

Fish Eats Cat Gif

Especially Big Fish …

Cat Fish Bowl with Shark Gif

Any Cat out there trying to make friends with other pets or strange animals?

Tell us your story and keep on purring! Meow


Little Zero

Extremely cute and fluffy Black & White Cat. Professional show-off, Cat Bed Tester and Kitty Beauty Expert.

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