How to use a Heater

Catshmere Cats on Radiators and Heaters

Cats require a variety of sources of heat.

In my humble opinion, Humans are very good ones but also Radiators and Heaters are ok. Here is my advice on how a Cat should approach a Heater and make the best out of it.

Catshmere Cat Blog How to Use Heaters

Make sure you find a nice and cozy place to rest.

Make sure it is long enough: it’s very important to keep all four paws nice and warm. And don’t forget your tail!

Make sure it’s wide enough: it’s not very elegant to have some fluff or tummy fat sprouting out.

Make sure you can spread out nice and comfortably.

And keep your balance please …

Then, curl up and have a great catnap!

Catshmere Cat Blog How to Use Heaters


Credits: Instagram

Little Zero

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