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I grew up in an animal shelter so I’m not an expert on fancy cat litter boxes or perfumed cat sand.

Yes, I grew up (and grew old) in an animal shelter … very sad story … but I’ll tell you all about it in my next post.

Anyways, as I moved into my new home and discovered how nice it is to have your own private litter box, I decided to learn more about this extremely interesting subject.

BTW, do you like my toilet area?

Bounty's Litter Box

Having done some research work, I must say huge progress has been made in the field of automated and self-cleaning litter boxes. Wow, there is some amazing stuff out there! I’d love to get one for my birthday …

Humans seem to love those self-cleaning litter boxes: they are willing to spend a fortune just to avoid cleaning our cat sand. That’s fine with me but have you ever thought of how cats feel about it?

Well, have a look at this video:

Yes, we don’t like those scary self-cleaning litter boxes.

What about this Litter Robot instead?

Has any cat tried to to enter the globe while it’s rotating? It must be fun …

Well, I’ll put it on my wishlist and in the meantime my thought go to this poor cat who has been force to use his Human’s toilet instead of his Cat Sand. So sorry for you dude …

Credits: / Youtube


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