My sculpture and I

Yami sculpture

Every cat has the right to have a custom sculpture.

Yami has one while I don’t …

Yami is a ten-year-old cat that lives in my home. She is mommy’s pet and probably that’s why she gets the best food, the best cuddles, the best cat-nap spot and … that’s why she is the only cat in the house to have her own custom sculpture.

Yami Custom Sculpture

When I complained and made it clear that I wanted a sculpture too, the answer was no.

I was told that those pre-made wooden cat-shapes are too small to match my extra-large size.

Luni Tuni Fat Cat

Ok, they call me J. Lo because of my beautiful backside but still I don’t think I’d need to destroy a forest to get a life-size sculpture done.

If somebody out there would like to volunteer and make me a sculpture, let me know!

Luni Tuni

Fine Cat Food Connoisseur and Milk Taster. Avid Cat Grass Eater and Cat Vomit Expert. Founding member of the Obese Feline Association.

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    March 17, 2015 at 11:03 pm

    I’ve always suspected cats love art and be portrayed. Now I have the living evidence:: Yami and his valuable sculture!

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