Follow the Sun

Zero sunbathing

Cats love sunbathing …

I love sunbathing … BTW, that’s me in the picture above!

To get back to what we were talking about… yes, we love the Sun and we love sitting in the Sun.

Therefore we have developed quite an expertise in the art of “follow-the-sun” as you can see below: 

Cats sunbathing via


This allows us to stay nice and warm while we have a little nap.

Cats sunbathing via

The annoying thing is that you have to continuously follow the Sun across the floor because the Sun moves. Or maybe it’s the Earth that moves while the Sun stays still, whatever!

Cat sunbathing via

Honestly, it would be better if the Sun didn’t move at all.

Cat sunbathing via

Watch the fullfollow-the-sun” video here:

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Little Zero

Extremely cute and fluffy Black & White Cat. Professional show-off, Cat Bed Tester and Kitty Beauty Expert.

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