Every Bloody April …

Catshmere Yami Cat The Scary Kitty

Cats hate Human Nuisance and Human Nuisance includes April Fools’ Day …

Yes, April Fools’ Day: What’s so funny about it? Nothing!

Grumpy Cat April Fools' Day Meme

Credits: http://meme-generator.me/

For some strange reason Humans find Cat-themed April Fools’ Day Jokes extremely funny … Can you believe it?

In the last years we have had a Dead Grumpy Cat …



Credit: Grumpy Cat Dies on April Fools’ Day Joke – Mashable

… Sony-branded Headphones for Cats …

Sony Headphones for Cats via Mashable

Credits: Sony Launches Headphones for Cats on April Fools’ Day – Mashable

… a browser for Cats by Opera …



Credits: You Tube Video

… and a virtual keyboard for Cats: Dubbed Qwerty Cats!

Chrome Extensions for Cats

Credits: Dubbed Qwerty Cats Chrome Extension 

Luckily, this year we only had the fake https://sites.google.com/view/freemusicallyfollowers Cat Park in Dunwoody for April Fools’ Day” href=”http://www.ajc.com/news/news/local/cat-park-dunwoody-newspaper-gets-jump-april-fools-/nkjXM/” target=”_blank”>News or a Cat Park in Dunwoody and Groupon offering a dedicated Cat Cab services for April Fools’ Day so far …

Groupon Cat Cab Service via Mashable

Cats, did you spot any other Cat-themed April Fools’ Jokes around the World and around the Internet?

If so, share them with us and Keep on Purring!


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