Caterpillar Cat found in a Living Room

The First Ever Seen Caterpillar Cat

Have you ever seen a Caterpillar Cat?

I have just seen one on Bored Panda and it made me throw up …

Well, apparently a rare example of this new specie was discovered in a living room by a Reddit user that goes under the name of FallenCoffee. This brave Human took this incredible panoramic picture, well done dude! So brave …

Yes, Caterpillar Cats are very aggressive, terribly dangerous and extremely toxic.

Other variations of CAT-erpillars have been seen purring around in various natural environments.

For instance this is a Hello Kitty-faced Caterpillar featured on Incredible Things’ Website.

Kello Kitty Faced Caterpillar by Incredible Things

Read the full article here.

Unfortunately, we know very little on these Caterpillar Cats. The only thing we know for sure is that they move in a very strange caterpillar-like fashion. Here you can find a very rare testimony of how a CAT-erpillar crawls around.


I know, it’s revolting … If you happen to bump into one of these strange creatures take a picture please and share it with the world.

As I said in one of my previous best instagram web viewer posts, Evil Cats form Outer Space are always trying to create new Cat-Animal Hybrids using both Domestic and Stray Kitties. So, Cats be careful and stay away from all kinds of Fluffy Alien Invaders or you’ll end up like one of these poor creatures.

Keep on Purring …

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