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Welcome to my new editorial feature on Cat Sayings, Feline Quotes, Kitty Proverbs, Fluffy Idioms and Superstitions on Cats. Keep reading if you’d like to see this week’s selection of Cat Proverbs from around the world.

1. “Cats don’t catch mice to please God” – Afghan proverb



2. “Curiosity killed the Cat” – English proverb



3. “If stretching were wealth, the Cat would be rich” – African proverb



4. “In a Cat’s eye all things belong to Cats” – English proverb



5. “The Cat was created when the Lion sneezed” – Arabian proverb



6. “When the Cat’s away, the Mice will play” – European proverb



7. “Happy is the home with at least one Cat” – My own proverb



The more, the better! Meow!!!

Gif Credits: Giphy.com


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