Meet the Inseparable Bunch: Matisse, Romeo and The Fonz

Catshmere's The Inseparable Bunch: Matisse, Romeo, The Fonz

Hey Cats! A trio of cats has just joined our team of fluffy editors: Matisse, Romeo and The Fonz aka The Inseparable Bunch.

A super purring welcome to the three of you ! Now let me do a quick introduction for our readers.

The Fonz

The Fonz is a bully tomcat with a big heart. This grey fluffy cutie is addicted to any kind of food, preferably junk catfood and, above all, he is not one to miss a dinner party.

Beside being a party cat, he is quite a skillful creature: it was him to step forward and ask to become part of the Catshmere Team.

Catshmere Team The Fonz Cat


Catwalk expert Romeo began his career as a cat model. After years of success, he decided to dedicate himself to cat hair styling before going into retirement. Being a red-hair fancy cat, he has his own special attitude towards life and is constantly stressed.

He was (and perhaps still is) in a relationship with Matisse.


Matisse is a lovely lady cat with a very important male name.

She is very proud of having being named after the French Impressionist artist because of her fur: a beautiful patchwork of white, red and black fluff.

From time to time in love with Romeo, she can hardly stand The Fonz who is constantly teasing and stalking her.

Catshmere Team Romeo & Matisse Cats

Here you go with a few quotes from the application letter The Fonz sent me:

“Amazon boxes are great, but Christmas hampers can be very comfortable too. We could have an entire flat for us, but who can resist… this is me squeezed together with my friend Romeo.”

“Sometimes I enjoy staying on my own pondering on philosophy, on my true name or on whatever comes up to my mind.”

“Life can be tough, but who cares: we are spoiled cats and very proud of it!”

The Inseparable Bunch Romeo and The Fonz Cats

Good to have you onboard cats!

Looking forward to reading your first posts! Meow


Newly-adopted old black cat. Professional purrer, serial cat food eater, visionary meower and expert snorer.

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    March 7, 2015 at 10:11 pm

    I have alreday met the bunch, they are super cute and nice :-) and I will meet them again next week :-)))))))

    • Bounty

      March 10, 2015 at 11:56 am

      That’s fantastic! Send us lots of pics :-)

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