Meet the Team

Kitty Trends & Feline Curiosity Editor
A professional "ghetto" cat, accidentally saved from a life of hardship. Officially register as Khaleesi, she is best known as BOB since she is BOB-faced. Weird and risky positions Catnap specialist, she is hopelessly curios and loves bizarre hiding places.
Cat in Chief
Newly-adopted old black cat. Professional purrer, serial cat food eater, visionary meower and expert snorer. Having lived most of his life in an animal shelter, he became a Cats Rights Activist and an Anti-Vet supporter.
Catshmere Team Cooper Cat
Lazy Life Coach & Camouflage Guru
With a cat-killer history, this feared-by-all predator recently enjoyed a rebirth and evolved into the state of Guru. Expert in camouflage and hiding techniques, he is an extremely skilled mice-hole explorer who fears nothing and knows how to be respected. His personal life goal & motto is: "Do Nothing and Not Be Bothered".
Catshmere Team Grigio Mr Grey Cat
Grigio aka Mr. Grey 
Feline Outdoor Activities Blogger
A typical 50 Shades of Grey Cat: fearful but brave, wary but cuddly, restless but always sleepy. He fears humans but he likes birds - with whom he speaks a lot - and he's a clever bird watcher & hunter. A true free climbing pro, he loves ropes and scratching toys. Being very active during the day, he's always exhausted in the evening.
Little Zero
Little Zero 
Kitty Beauty Expert
Extremely cute and fluffy Black & White Cat. Professional show-off, Cat Bed Tester and Kitty Beauty Expert.
Luni Tuni
Luni Tuni 
Cat Food Blogger
Fine Cat Food Connoisseur and Milk Taster. Avid Cat Grass Eater and Cat Vomit Expert. Founding member of the Obese Feline Association.
Catshmere Team Micia Cat
Catlife Stylist & Catwalk Specialist
A sweet middle-age cat who loves practicing with her lovely voice. Cuddles lover, purrs expert and under-the-bed catnap specialist. She has very sophisticated tastes and she fancies human beauty products & make-up: a real "Bella Vita" addicted.
Purring Correspondent
Musina aka Merda is Catshmere's Purring Correspondant. She is a very shy kitty who enjoys cat-napping and kneading.
Fluffy Editor
Sexy Black Cat. Feline Fitness Expert and Cat Scratching Furniture Trainer.
Catshmere's The Inseparable Bunch: Matisse, Romeo, The Fonz
The Inseparable Bunch 
Catshmere Contributors
Matisse, Romeo and The Fonz are The Inseparable Bunch: three spoiled brats that live more or less happily together. The Fonz is a grey bully tomcat while Romeo is a red-hair fancy male cat. Matisse is the only lady cat of the group: from time to time in love with Romeo, she can hardly stand The Fonz who is constantly teasing and stalking her.
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