Gatto Morto aka Dead Cat

Gatto Morto on Facebook

It’s a fact well known to those who know it well: Cats have 9 lives.

However, there is a Cat on Facebook that has an unlimited number of lives: one for every bloody day …

His name is Gatto Morto which means the Dead Cat!

Every day this poor fluffy creature dies and is born again the next day, ready to pass away again and again and do it all over again.

You may think he is a lucky chap but you are wrong … he is terribly unlucky: no matter what he does, he always dies!

In this post the poor Cat tried to jump on top of a chair but he misfired, slipped, bashed his head and eventually died …

In this picture the Dead Cat was fixing the door when he suddenly slipped, bashed his head again and died.

Here the Fluffy Creature was reading a Boat Catalogue when he realized there were no Life Jackets for Cats and guess what … he died.

Cats, say a little pray for this adorable kitty and follow his dying adventures on Facebook!

Cover Image Credits: Gatto Morto

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