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Sorry Humans: Cats are planning to kill you …

Not all Cats though, only those that have paired up with Evil Cats from Outer Space. Yes, Evil Cats from Outer Space are planning to invade Earth and take full control of the Planet by killing the Human Race.

To do so Alien Cat Invaders need help from both Domestic and Stray Cats. Throughout the years the have collected quite a lot of Followers who are keen on exploring the Dark Side of the Force.

Here you go with a video featuring a short check-list that will tell you whether your Cat is on the Dark Side and Plotting against you or not. Check out these 8 Signs to see if your Cat is trying to kill you:


Should you still be skeptic, have a look at this inspiring BuzzFeed article on how Cats are practicing to Kill their Humans.

Credits: Sho Ko You Tube Channel

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