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It’s a fact well know to those that know it well that Cats need sleep, a lot of sleep.

Cats sleep an average of fifteen hours a day while extremely tired cats might sleep up to twenty hours in a day, mostly during the day.

As a Catnap pro, I master the art of Cat Sleeping and provide training and advice as Cat Insomnia specialist.

Here you go with a few tips to get the best indoor Catnap experience:

1) Spot a cozy quiet warm place to rest.


2) Give yourself a good stretch and start yawning to start getting into the sleepy mood.


3) Curl up in your best armadillo-like position.


4) Close your eyes and start counting mice (sheep are no good for cats).

Sleepy Cat via

5) Fall asleep and start recharging your kitty batteries.

Sleeping Cat via

This is just a short to-do list for a good Catnap.

In my next post I’ll give you a bit more insights on how to have a great nap using a human.


Little Zero

Extremely cute and fluffy Black & White Cat. Professional show-off, Cat Bed Tester and Kitty Beauty Expert.

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