Internet Cafés are dead, Long live Cat Cafés!

Cat Cafe Japan by Imgur

What does a Cat and a Coffee have in common? A Cat Café, of course!

“Whisker by whisker, cats have begun to replace coffee as the top draw in cafés across Japan.” said Lindsey Galloway on

Did you know Japan has over 150 Cat Cafés?

Have a look at this video to see what it is like to visit one of these gorgeous places:


And what’s more important, from Japan Cat Cafès have conquered the rest of the World, paw by paw …

In Melbourne, notwithstanding the #quokkaselfie craze Cats are still more popular than Quokkas:

Cat Cafè Melbourne


If you’d rather have a cup of tea your best option might be Lady Dinha’s Cat Emporium in London …

Lady Dinhas Cat Cafe London


While in New York, Meow Parlour rocks …

Meow Parlour Cat Cafè New York


And what about San Diego’s hangout for Cat-Lovers, The Cat Cafè!

The Cat Cafe San Diego


Last but not least, the Torino-based Miagola Cafè (which means Meow Cafè)!

Miagola Cafè Torino


Internet Cafés are dead! Long live Cat Cafés! Meow

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