From Unlucky to Lucky


This is my story: the tale of a forgotten old black cat who after a life of hardship is now Cat in Chief at Catshmere Cat Blog.

In one of my previous posts I had promised to tell you my story, a very sad story but with a super happy ending. So here you go.

I grew up and grew old in an animal shelter with many other cats and dogs. Unfortunately it wasn’t a very nice place and we weren’t treated very nicely.

One day the place was shut down and we were all sent away. Most of us were moved to other local shelters while the sick ones were sent to animal hospitals and vets to get medicated and cured: I was one of those.

The Vets were very nice to me but I knew I couldn’t have stayed with them forever: I needed a new home and I needed it quick.

However, being an old and sick black cat nobody wanted to adopt me … BTW, that’s me in the picture above the day I got rescued.

Catshmere Blog - Bounty Luck Black Cat

Then good news arrived: apparently there was a couple that desperately wanted an old fat cat. I was a bit concerned but I didn’t have much of a meow in the adoption process: the matter was well out of my paws.

So a few days later, after a six-hour drive I finally got to my new home. That’s me getting out of the cage and starting to explore the place.

Catshmere Blog - Bounty Luck Black Cat

I was a bit disappointed by the house being so small, so I decided to knock myself out with a good dose of smelly shoe stink (I had no catnip with me ☹)!

Catshmere Blog - Bounty Luck Black Cat

Anyway, after a couple of days I started feeling at home: home sweet home.

Catshmere Blog - Bounty Luck Black Cat

Then one day I met my stepsisters Luni Tuni and Little Zero who got me a job at Catshmere, but this is another story …


Newly-adopted old black cat. Professional purrer, serial cat food eater, visionary meower and expert snorer.

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